The Princesses' Adventures

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Our family has attended several kayak races over the last 3 years. Darren has loved kayaking since before we were married. He built one himself in his dad's basement in just 3 month. Then we built a second together that spanned from our engagement to 3 years later with a kid in tow. Now with two kids, Darren and Alli are building a tandom kayak as a daddy-daughter project. Someday, we will all be on the water together. Until then, we LOVE to watch Daddy race! This past weekend, Alli kayaked the boat that swamped her in size. It is 16' 8" long, and with an adult sized paddle, she managed to paddle about a mile solo and bring it back to shore! We are very proud of her. She is small, but has demonstrated her great arm strength!
It was fun to explore around the lake. The girls climbed rocks, fished, (kayaked of course), and participated in walking a tight rope put together by the boy scouts. Alli caught her first fish, too (about 3 inches so it was thrown back to grow)!

My favorite moment of the weekend was when I witnessed sweet sisterly love. Somedays can be rough, but this makes it all worth it!

The Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness race started with a lot of anticipation and excitement. Darren has come in 2nd two years in a row to a olympian. He was not present this year.

This year, Darren came in 3rd with a time around 32:00 for a 5K race. Nice job! I'm hoping Alli's love for doing activities with her Daddy will lead to her wanting to get out there to race someday as never know :)
Since last weekend, Darren has added a rudder to the 2nd kayak hoping this will reduce the squirreliness of the boat and its tendencies to swing rather than glide straight through the water. We will have another chance to test the boat next weekend in his 2nd race of the year.