The Princesses' Adventures

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Technical Difficulties/Summer

I'm here. Just busy :) Summer has been a lot of fun so far and many activities are keeping us quite busy. For instance, today we started off dropping big sis off at school and then headed for morning coffee with some family.
We sunscreened up for some fun at the Jordan Valley Fountains with our summer MOPS group.
Straight from there,
we met cousins and big sis at Chuck-e-Cheese.
Then it was off to get some z's for the young princess and dr.'s appt. for the older one.
Caught a quick dinner and it was off to SAF (summer arts festival) at church.
We finished there just in time to read bedtime stories and off to bed.
Tomorrow will start all again with school for one and the zoo for the other and hopefully go swimming after nap. We are not always off and running, but seem to be just as busy catching up on housework when we are home. I will post pics soon of some of these activities. My keyboard just froze after deleting my entire last post so I will work on it again another day. As Alli would say to you, "have a nice summer!" which is currently her favorite phrase for the walmart cashier or the neighbor, whomever she seems to come in contact with really.

This picture is the second day in a row of Rachel falling asleep WAY before her typical nap-time. Notice the "summer knees" in their full bloody glory. Her legs are covered with bruises and bug bites. Poor thing!


  1. that sounds extremely busy...sounds like us! thanks for letting us be apart of your business last weekend!

  2. I'd welcome your company any day, any time!!