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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Victory Garden

Thanks to a friend's camera phone, I have pics of our most recent family outing. We loaded the car with gloves, bug spray and long sleeves and made our way to the Victory Gardens to meet our Adult Bible Fellowship group. VG is a multi-acreage plot of land that was given to our church in order to serve the local community with fresh veggies. The ladies and children picked 5 bags of beans, 10 bags of tomatoes, and 1 bag of okra. The men trudged through the cornfield and weeds and produced 433 pounds of Corn!
The girls really got into it and were excellent helpers! We all beat the heat with a piece or two of watermelon and then got back to work on the corn. After it was hauled from the field to the work station, everyone pitched in to sort, chuck and chop the tips off (to prevent possible bugs from ruining the piece of corn before it could be delivered). Way to go ABF team!

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