The Princesses' Adventures

Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st grade picnic

After serving hot dogs, chips, and grapes to everyone, I joined the crowd to eat. Alli had saved me a place in the shade, her kindness was very welcomed!
Beach balls were distributed and the real fun began. Normally, the kids have to stay on the school playground, but there is a park in the same field behind the school that the kids only get to play in on special occasions such as the end-of-the-year picnic.
After getting good and sweaty, the ice cream truck rolled into town. Really, he just met us at the back side of the park so as to not upset any of the other school kids enjoying recess, but not in on our 1st grade bash. Mrs. Lamb, Alli's incredible teacher, helped her choose her ice cream. It is SO hard when there are so many yummy treats!
It was a rainbow pop today for my beautiful girl! She was very excited to get the treat directly from the ice cream truck. *Ahem*cough* I try to ignore the bell when our ice cream Jeep rolls down the street...but maybe this summer we will treat ourselves a time or two. YUM!
The heat made the pop melt fast! But it was delicious down to the last DRIP!
Oh boy, was Rachel excited when she found out I brought her home a beach ball, too!


  1. We ignore the ice cream truck too but maybe that is your answer to getting calories in her - feed her food from a truck.

  2. We ignore it about 95% of the time. Aidan still talked about the spiderman popsicle he got that one time last year!