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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Duckling Sleepover

This past weekend, Alli got to take her class project home. Yes, 2 live ducklings. Their unit is on organisms so they got 9 eggs from a hatchery and saw the whole process from the birds hatching up to 2 weeks old. We named them Joe and Oreo.
Alli was very gentle and kind to the ducks. She was experienced with them since they had been in the classroom for 2 weeks.
Rachel, on the other hand, wanted to squeeze them to death. She was extremely excited to hold them. Then again, she is my bug catching, animal loving girl. I'm sure she would be extremely excited to have any type of animal living with us, but alas, she is stuck with our fish.
Yes, Rachel was loving on this duckling a little too much!
The pure yellow duck with a mohalk is Joe.
And, of course, the black and yellow duck is Oreo. He was definitely the head honcho of the two.
Playtime in the tub...needless to say, the girls took a shower the next morning instead of a bath. I needed to scrub it down good after they were in there!
Alli wrote in the observation journal at the end of the ducks stay. I asked her to write neatly and she did an excellent job!!

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