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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Rachel was putting her hand prints down on the walk-of-fame. I finally gave her a shovel and she was quite content playing in the dirt in a different part of the yard.
My Mother's Day gift is phase 2 of the arbor. Last year, he designed and built the arbor. This year, we are putting in the pavers and adding a bench to watch the kids play.
Darren's leveling technique included string, a mini leveler, and a scrap piece of 2x4 to level the sand and the pavers.
Rachel and I sitting on the bench that will soon have a nice new home.
My Mother's Day was very laid back after a one day trip to KC and back the day before, which included an extra passenger, Darren's Grandpa Ed. We went to celebrate Darren's cousin graduating college as an RN. We are all so proud of her! We spent the afternoon in good company playing a fun new yard game. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but Darren took measurements so I'm hoping to make the game soon and share it with friends and family.

Then on Mother's Day, we went to Darren's mom's house for home-made burgers. Rachel need to catch up on sleep so we hung around the house the rest of the day. Alli started on her first research project on cats. Can't believe they are already doing research in 1st grade!!

I sure missed my mom on Mother's Day, but that happens when her 3 kids are spread in 3 different states. We are planning a get-together before Mom and Dad leave the country. Looking forward to the company!

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  1. Sorry that I stole them at the last minute! Hope you plan something exciting this week with them.