The Princesses' Adventures

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zoo fun

Rachel and I are really enjoying some one-on-one time these last few days before school lets out. Today we went to the zoo. She was explaining to me that the otter's pool was really for her and showing me how she would hold her breath under water. Too cute!
Quite the animal lover, Rachel loved playing with this tiger giving it hugs and kisses since the real ones were taking their naps.
A highlight was watching Rach get close up to the giraffes. This one was born just this spring and was very polite when taking it's wafers.
Despite contending with several bus loads of school kids today, we managed to see most the animals, have a picnic lunch and play at the zoo park. Then we headed out for ice cream on a cone. It was very important that it be on a cone today. I can tell she had a great time and was worn out because when we were on our way to get ice cream she was telling me how much she was enjoying her new big bed, lol. No problems with naptime today!


  1. She is precious, absolutely a vision.

    Let's go to the zoo together sometime.

    Oh and rockin' new blog re-do!

  2. Rebekah, thank you so much!
    Yes, we have a zoo pass so we love to visit the zoo!